Story Continuation Ideas?! (Writers block)

Ok so my story is abt a mom that sells her kid to vampires, but she is also part vampire and no one knows. I got to the part were they meet and idk what to do now


I like the idea!
I think you can develop it in many different ways with it! Based on your genre, you can choose to write about a romantic story beetween mc and a vampire, or an adventure/fantasy story (maybe the vampires at first want to kill mc because their blood tastes good, but then they discover she’s partly a vampire, so she is a vampire with the power of walking under the sun etc… and other vampires or humans want her to make experiments and find a way to gain her powers.) or a comedy! I think the genre is the starting point!

I hope I helped you. I’m sorry for my grammar mistakes!

Oh! You can work on this plot quite easily. For example:

The vampire hates humans (a classic) and makes the MC their servant. MC has a rebellious personality and differs with everything they say. I think you can manage 10+ chapters with that scenerio.

If you like this idea and you have no idea how to continue it, you can DM on instagram. You can find me as @shuepisode

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