Story copyrights

I’ve seen big authors on Instagram say they have copyrights on their story. How would one get a copyright on their story?

If you’re the original creator, it’s automatically your intellectual property. In most countries in the world, this means you own the copyright without doing anything. Authors who say their story is copyrighted are reminding their readers of this, which also helps them defend their rights if someone does violate copyright law and it leads to a legal case (the person who copied their work can’t say they didn’t know).

You can also manually register for copyright with your country, but I’m not sure this would work with Episode stories due to their format and the fact that they don’t exist outside of this platform. It wouldn’t be very necessary; unless Episode itself steals your work, you can report any violations you find and get imitations taken down without a legal fuss.


I second @purplezombieattack I also put the dates I publish each episode in the story description as further proof.


I feel as though you are talking about Bukii but not sure :sweat_smile:

I know some authors have written their story in a traditional format and are copyrighting the story that way.

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As soon as you create something, it belongs to you legally in most Western countries. If people copy it, all you have to do is prove you’re the original for them to get sued. However, some people also get extra copyrights on their things to make sure that it’s even easier to punish people who try to steal their ideas. You have to pay monstrously for those, though!