Story cover anyone?

I need a cover for my new story “falling for hope”

I could help u but u might not get it until in like 4 day is that ok?

Could you help me as well

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Sure :blush:

that’s fine with me would you like to know the information for the cover

Yes please :blush:

ok so the story is called falling for hope and I would like to have hope in front of a coffee house wearing something cute but basic so for the outfit just put her in like a skirt and a cute top with some heels I would like for the title to be written kinda like in a fancy font
skin: rose 2
brows: arched thin (deep brown)
hair: long feathered (dark brown)
face: diamond
nose: round broad
lips: full heart pouty (mauve matte)

thank you so much if you have any questions just ask!

Ok what pose do u want her in? :blush:

a wink


thank you so much you’re a life saver

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Your welcome yours should be done by next week :blush:


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Your request is complete :blush::


Feel free to tell me if u want anything changed :blush:

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I LOVE IT! thank you so much!

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Your welcome :blush:

i need one please