Story cover art help

Hi all,

I am requesting a small and large cover for my story ‘the bond between us’, which is about 3 friends . I prefer drawn cover if possible semi realistic and free if you are willing
I’ll provide the details of my characters and the poses below.

Character details

Female soft body
Round medium brows deep brown
Long wavy blowout Ash brown
Generic eyes pale brown
Diomond face
Round broad doenturned nose
Full heart lips pink beige gloss

Female soft
Arched natural deep brown
Long straight wavy ends parted platinum white
Deepest upturned wide hazel
Triangle defined face
Grecian angular nose
full heart lips rose light nude gloss

Female soft
Round medium deep brown
Messy sock bun brunette brown
Generic eyes ice blue
Heart soft face
Round button nose
Full heart rose light nude gloss

character picture

The pose is like the three are facing the ocean with their arms around each other, with their back to the camera.
Can someone please help me with this art?
I’ll credit you properly!

check out this thread


Thank you so much for reccomending me! <3


May I know why my post was hidden? I’m sorry if I’ve done anything offensive- i genuinely don’t know…

Thanks for the recommendation!

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You can make it by your own by using Canva. If you didn’t know how to do it, watch canva tutorials on youtube. It is quite easy.

Are you comfortable with AI art?
I could try and make you one using AI, but only if you don’t have any reservations against Ai :smiling_face:

Thank for offering, but someone already told me the will do it…

Are you on ig,? I could follow you😊

Okay, no problem!
Happy that you have found someone to help you :hugs:

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