Story cover art please (limelight)

My new story is called "Order Up!"
I’m looking for a story cover and you can take your time making it.

This is the kind of pose I’d like them to be in. I would also like it be a diner background (hence the story name)

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I recommend requesting at an art shop!

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Is it limelight or ink?


Is it edited or drawn :joy: I need to see if I can do it

Either! but edited if it’s easiest lol

Can you send your characters and what you want on it bc I can do it

Skin tone - Neutral 02
Brow - Arched Natural (chestnut brown)
Hair - Over shoulder braid (medium brown)
Eyes - Deepset Upturned wide (Blue green)
Face - Diamond long
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Heart pouty (pink peach medium gloss)

Skin tone - Copper 03
Brow - Furrowed Straight s (black dark)
Hair - medium side curls (black dark)
Eyes - Narrow almond deep smiling (green emerald)
Face - Chiseled Square Stubble shaved
Nose - Straight flat
Lips - Medium heart (rose light nude matte)

Her hair is a different colour in the photo but change it to medium brown please

How’s my cover coming along?

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It’s great, I’m almost done so it should be done by tomorrow :two_hearts:

It might take longer because the character pose it’s hard to do :grin:

Oh and one last thing :joy: I had to improvise on the bottom of their clothes bc it wasn’t shown on the pictures :grin: that’s all :joy::joy:

If you need a easier pose, I could give you one?

I don’t need one it’s okay :grin: but it just might be finished like late tmr :upside_down_face:

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The current status of it is that it’ll most likely be finished today :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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@angelxzriahli can you make cover art for me? I need a large and small cover; my story is called the attorney and the criminal. If you’re not too busy w other art lmk :slight_smile:

Come to my art shop :two_hearts:
My shop

This one was difficult for me …

I hope u still like it :upside_down_face:

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I couldn’t get the pose right but I hope you like it

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