Story Cover Art Request Shop - INK ONLY (Open)

I’m new to this, so don’t expect your cover to be perfect. I’m only accepting a few at a time, as I have other things in my life that keep me busy. I can probably take up to 4 requests, if anyone wants a cover done.


Can u send examples

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Of course.

These are all of the ones I’ve done so far. (For my story)
But I want more practice and to get better, if possible.


As I said, I’m new to this, so it’s obviously not going to be the best.


Ooo I don’t rlly need anything atm but I rlly love INK style artists . If you wanna free style a pose with my character feel free to do so and I’d love to read ur story :two_hearts: .


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Any LL?

No, only ink. Sorry


My story isn’t out just yet. It still needs work, but I will let you know when it’s out.

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Wow I love your examples @Zayd!! :heart: I just started writing a new story in INK (next to my other stories): Double Trouble Love. Can you make a cover for me? I will PM you the details.

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