Story Cover Design Ideas Needed!

Title: Help?
Author Name: Alexandra Rose
Status: Published
Episodes In All So Far: 10
Episodes Out: 9
Description: What happens when you get into a car accident after an argument with her parents. Who will be there for you in the afterlife?
Plot: You (MC)'s life is miserable, because nobody loves her apart from her older sister, and she’s bullied and abused. Eventually, she attempts suicide, but survives and convinces the doctor to lie, and she becomes friends with the doctor and moves in with him, and eventually, they fall for each other.
Instagram: alexandra_stella_epy
CC: Yes.
Style: Ink & LL

What would be a good cover design for this?

Its a romance correct?

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Well I can assume that it would be the main character with the love interest
A lot of readers who first come to the episode are interested in romance stories and will most likely pick a story with the MC and the LI on the front

And then you add items that imply the plot in the background like maybe a ghost or we could kind of add a filter over the mc in the cover to make it appear as if she is dead
If the main character does end up dying

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She doesn’t end up dead, but yes she ends up with the LI

Ok thats my bad
either way you could have the two lovers on the front

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