Story cover for my first story!

Hey guys!
I just finished the first chapter of my first and new story called “Shadow Man”. It’s a romance/drama and it is about 16 year old Nelly who is making her first experiences with love and all it’s consequences.
So as I started with coding and directing three days ago I have really no idea about creating story covers.
If there is someone who would like to help me I’d be so happy! Of course you’ll get mentioned in every chapter.

Thanks for taking your time to read this :sparkling_heart:

Hi! Would you want drawn cover like:

I can do them, it will just take me a few days! And welcome to the forums! You can ask me anything about coding or stories, or episode in general, since I’ve been here a good while!

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Hey! Thanks for your fast reply.
My story is in limelight style and I’m not really sure how I want the cover to look like. Do you create limelight covers too or INK only? :slight_smile:

I’ve tried LL before, I’ll send you a picture! But I’m not the best at it, just for the warning lol!


That was also my first LL edit

Hello! If you’re still looking for someone to do a cover or 2 (Large and small) I’m available :stuck_out_tongue:

(An older one that is bad quality haha)

Hi I am working on my story ‘All of You’. Could you please make a cover for me? The girl and the boy both have black hair. The girl’s mother dies in the story so I kind of need like cover where they are hugging or something like that. If you can do it then how long will it take the make it?

I’m actually really booked up on requests so I’m not sure how long, but it will be a while, Super sorry

Hi! If you’re still looking for someone to do covers I could help
Here’s an example of what I can do: