Story cover help plz

These are the characters:

those are her siblings this is the mc and that’s the boy she’s gonna fall in love with and can u guys make the background nice itz okay if u can’t tho


And also can u guys make her brother face shape defended triangle I think he kids looks like the other guy

Hey! I can make you a cover!
Here’s a link to my shop, where you can find examples and a list of every detail I need. (Click on ‘Covers’ in my Shop and then on ‘Description Example’)
Please I need all information, which are listed I there, so make sure you don’t forget something important.


Uhhh Iz it okay if I can just find u on Instagram?

Yes it is, but I still need the details as they’re listed in my shop.

My Instagram Name: @Vanessa.h_storys (Same as here in the forum)