Story (cover) Help💙

Hey, I’m new here (kinda) and I really want to write a story and write my ass off for the next two weeks to have it published ASAP that’s besides the point. I really need two covers a large one and a small one, I’ll need help with like possibly an intro of some sort, but for the most part I just need covers and one art scene. These will need to be free due to the fact I just simply don’t have the money to pay for any art at the moment.
I have a pose idea for the covers you can definitely message me if you would like to see.

Character deets

Naomi age 20
Skin Tone- Tan
Brows- Seductive Round
Hair- Rebel Half shaved (black)
Eyes- upturned feline (blue)
Face shape- Oval
Nose- Elven
Lips- Full round (scarlet)

Marcus age 22
Skin- Honey
Hair- short Cropped hair(charcoal)
Brows- Thin arch
Eyes- piercing almond (blue)
Face shape- Defined triangle
Nose- button
Lips- Uneven (taupe)

More info I guess

This may not be very important or of very much use but its her if you need it, sorry its a bit all over the place these are just the simple notes I have.

Naomi is a 20 year old college student who is very misunderstood, she ran away from home when she was 16 due to her continuous run-ins with the law. Her past was painful constantly in and out of foster homes, her walls are high, and she doesn’t trust many people.

Marcus is a 23 year old overworked police officer for the Seattle police department, he grew up with his father, two siblings, and step-mother. Marcus’ family would be considered “rich”.

If you have any questions you can pm me or of a faster response you can dm me on Instagram @/anonymous.epy


Maybe I can help! Dm me @/jazzy._.epi and maybe we can work something out?


I can do it as well ! If u wish…:blush:


If you still need help, you can come here! :blush::heart:


Ofc! I’ll message you in a bit!

Do you have any examples of your work possibly?

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Here are some…