Story cover (LL)

I’m making a new story but i still need a cover for it. Can someone maybe make one for me?


I can make one! Edited or drawn? Wait time is 3 days max

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What is the difference between edited and drawn?

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Edited is where you already have the characters looking like they do in your actual story. Drawn is when I actually draw them myself.

I’ll choose drawn

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Do i need to send details or pictures of the characters and what the cover should look like?

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Yes please

Body: neutral 02
Brow: round thin high - black dark
Hair: medium straight down - brown black
Eyes: Deepest upturned wide - brown pale
Face: heart soft
Nose: round button upturned
Lips: small heart - neutral medium nude gloss

Body: gold 04
Brow: round thick - blackjet
Hair: long bang short hair - black dark
Eyes: oval wide - hazel
Face: chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: hooked Grecian
Lips: full heart natural - beige deep neutral

Guy outfit:
Open collar button up cotton plum -
Skinny slacks cotton grey black -

Girl outfit:
Gown collar cowl satin pink white


concept: waist up. Can you make it like the girl is holding the guys chin but she has a knife behind her back?

story title: K&T: He’s mine

character photos:


How’s it going with the cover?