Story Cover Needed For My Story

Ok so I’m about to write a story and I need a story cover and I need some to create me a story cover because I dont know how lol.



Story Title: Vacay- Bae

  • Someone really talented (no offense to anyone)
  • Reffering to my story title and my vacational story

Reply to this thread if you can make my cover
Deadline: November 17th, 2021 to December 10th/11th (no rush)

Assuming your standard is high(?), I think it is very unlikely that you will get an exceptionally done cover for free (the sort of standard you see from creators with many followers or very high quality art that takes up a lot time and effort). If you’re willing to pay for one, here’s a list I wrote of some Instagram artists I’ve seen take commissions:

If you’re okay with an edited cover (free because of Episode assets), you could try browsing through various art shops and request from one that you really like. (:


are you looking for commissions?

If you are looking for commissions I could help out!

What do you mean commissions

she means paid art

money or credited?

commissioned means you are paying her with money like actual money not giving the credit because despite if you pay or not you should always credit artist.

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Because I don’t have any money I’m broke lol!

Oh well yeah commissioned means paid with actual money.

Guess I’ll have to figure out myself

How can you help out

Well if you have IG we can discuss and I’ll help out

My of

Hi well there are so many art shops on episode formus you can request their for cover for free also
Faded solo art shop
Jelly art shop
V.H Art shop
Clover’s art shop

There are some shops

ig: @barbiegirlstories

Nvm @Sydney_H you may close and lock this thread


Okay I’ll dm you

It says I can’t dm you untill you follow me my IG is

Closed by OP request. :smiley: