Story Cover Needed!



Hello, I need someone to make me an art cover for my story, also tell me if you’re interested in being my writer partner! Would be a lot of help and sounds so much fun! I’m also quite busy within these couple weeks with court stuff, moving, and etc. So please help also my Title is, ‘Finding Someone New’ the girl is taken from a stranger she met at a club, she was forced to go to an abandoned place competing with other girls to model. If she fails to win this modelling competition, she will never go home again. So will she win or what will happen? If it helps, she has like 4 other friends and her name is Alissa, I would love an art cover for that and a brilliant writer to help!


EpisodeStudio would love to help you!!!


By art cover do you mean covers with the episode characters on or with realistic drawings?


Thank you! Please send link so I don’t have to rummage through pages and links! :joy::kissing_heart:


If possible, I would love both! I can send pictures if you’re up to doing that as well! :heart_eyes:


I’m part of @EpisodeStudio :grin:


M.A do you have the link to the EpisodeStudio thread??


Wow! That’s amazing glad I got good timing for the both of you helping me out! :smiley:

@ChayChay, I can do this one if you want


She is amazing at editing the characters and I’m good at putting it all together on a cover… lol


Brilliant! Will both of you be willing to do the cover for me?


That’s fine!!! If you need help you know where to find me… lol


Can you and @ChayChay help by making the cover?


Yes sure just send everything you need to that thread :grin:


Beautiful! Um do you just need the avatars? I would also kinda like them shaded in black.


It’s also Classic not Ink Or LL, if that helps anything within this process lol.


We just need the avatars doing the poses you want will make it much easier… lol


Perfect! How do I get them in poses do you want me to just make the backround in preview then send over a picture of her in a pose with the script

@ALISSA is posing


That works… I’m not real sure how everyone does it… lol
@Mystery.Author do you know how?


Hope she is just afk for a few minutes :joy: