Story cover photos

I haven’t seen a topic on this yet so I thought I’d ask. When im uploading my cover art to episode, I also incorporate it into my episode stories. They somehow turn out blurry and idk how to fix it. Does anybody know how to? Thanks.!

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Hi! It likely has to do with the size of the image. How large is the image you are uploading?

It wouldn’t let me upload it unless I did the size amount episode wanted. I think it was like 640x1136? When I uploaded it with those measurements, it made everything blurry and now idk how to fix it🥲

The pictures original sizing seems to be 1560x2081

420 w 580 l is the size for large cover unless it’s for background:) hope this helps 🩵

How do I set it as for background? Because when I use it as an intro, it’s blurry

Try resizing the original image in Canva. It’s free to use and I make a canvas with the dimensions Episode recommends then download it as that. I rarely have issues with it being blurry with that method. Then upload it as a background with the new “larger” image.

It could also be blurry because Episode compresses images when you upload them as backgrounds. So since your OG image is larger, Episode will compress it to the dimensions that they recommend, which means that zooming in will make it blurry since there are less pixels.