Story Covers /Art Scenes

I’m bored so if anyone needs any story covers/art scenes drawn then I’ll help you out! Just reply to this with a character description and photo and what you want happening in the scene! Follow my instagram @thewriter2826.episode

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I would like an art scene plz


Name : Alanna
Gender : Female
Body : Neutral 03
Brow : Arched thin / Black Dark
Hair/Color : Straight Medium / Black Dark
Eyes/Color : Female Generic / Brown Black
Face : Heart defined
Nose : defined natural
Lips/Color : Full Round Pouty / Plum Gloss
Outfit :
Crop Tank Undershirt Silk Layered White Ivory, Open Hoodie White Pull Hood Long Sleeve Jacket Cotton Grey Black, Double Button Shorts Denim Blue Marine, Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Black

I’m not too picky about the outfit so could you just make it a dress or something? If you don’t want to draw the body and only do it shoulders up that’s fine.
Also if you could have a second character in the scene heres the details/description


Skin: Tan
Hair: Long Voluminous Curls Loose
Eyes/Color : Female Generic / hazel
Face : Heart defined
Nose : defined natural
Lips/Color : Full Round Pouty / Any color
Outfit: Cocktail dress.

I would like the first character to be at a bar looking down, sad at the ground with the second character (her friend smiling a sympathetic smile at her.
If you can only do one character than just have the first character looking sad at the ground alone at the bar.
Tell me if you need anything else and if u can only do one character or both.

Sorry if I’m asking a lot it’s fine if you don’t want to do it

And if it’s okay could I ask how long it would take if you decide to do it? No rush at all.



Can you post some examples?


How long will it take you if you don’t mind me asking?

I need a cover.

Title - Falling Rain
Background - download%20(6)
Character Details -
Thick Arch
Short Cropped Hair (Charcoal)
Deepset Peircing (Pine)
Defined Triangle
Uneven (Blush)

Thick Arch Athletic
Unstyled Faux Hawk (Black)
Stoic Almond (Toffee)
Defined Triangle
Smirk (Taupe)

Outfits -