Story covers. Artists or Apps?


So I’m sure you’ve all seen the marvellous story covers on our trending page. Does anyone have any idea how they’re made!?!? I don’t want to just screenshot my characters in a position because it just doesn’t look right for a cover. Does anyone know possibly an app or someone to make those lovely story covers?


Sienna :heart:

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hi! So I also did that and then i tried to request to people but it happened 3 times in a row where the people forgot about it after i waited a month so i started drawing them myself. I personally use photoshop but i know that it costs money to use it. things like paint 3D can be helpful but other than that, i was also at your stage once so it is hard to find apps that you can use (for free) :heart:


majority on the trending page are commissioned but you can also find art for free in art shops. plus some people can do some gorgeous edits that look just as nice


could you suggest me some

Hi Sienna, I’m an artist myself, and I use the following tools mainly:

  1. Sketchbook Pro (it’s a free app that you can download, I used to draw with this all the time) (Let me know if you’re having trouble figuring it out, I know the program really well)
  2. Use an AI to create art for you (here’s a link:
  3. Here’s a website where you can remove the background of your images for free (make the background transparent) (it’s very useful for overlays) (here’s the link: Photo Editor tool)
  4. Use an image editing program to create art (here’s a link to a free online program:

Hope this helps! And good luck with writing your story :smile:

That all sounds amazing thank you so much!

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