Story Covers & Backgrounds

Hey guys,

What platforms do you use to create your Story Cover or do you just find a fellow “episodian” to design one for you?

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I think @Vampira commissions are open. :heart:


Thank you.

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There are a lot of sources:

  • You can commission artists for cover art/backgrounds, but their commissions will be mostly paid.
  • On forums, you’ll find threads of people who are willing to help in creating drawn/edited covers (edits of your characters from portal) for free, so you can always check their threads and wait for your turn. Don’t forget to check the rules.
  • Same for backgrounds, there are free drives with backgrounds you can use for free, but always give credit and follow creators if it’s needed (check the FAQ or rules they have).
  • Also, some creators have their own PAID drives and Patreons for backgrounds.

When I want to create a cover/splash/anything else, I use the site BeFunky. It has lots of free and cool tools for you to use! I love it personally :blob_hearts:

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To add onto what Mi said – a lot of artists are on instagram, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the forums, you’ll likely find it on there. A fair amount of story covers you see on trending shelves were drawn by commissioned artists on Instagram.

I personally could do my own covers and sometimes I do, but most of the time I prefer to have different artists’ styles that I feel match the vibe of each story. I’m also lazy when it comes to art and would rather pay someone else to do it lol. :joy:
I mainly use Procreate for art and edits btw (it is a super handy app to have) and Phonto for any text. I’ve also seen some artists say they use Clip Studio and another app that some artists use is iBis Paint.