Story Covers for my story


Hi I’m new to the episode thing and I need a cover but idk how to create one! Can anyone help me out? Please. If anyone knows how to create one or will help please let me know


What type of cover would you want?


@EpisodeStudio would love to help! We have several people who would help.
PM @ChayChay, @jassie12dw, @GirlLykAnn, @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE, or anyone else so we can assist.


Episode helpers will love to help just send the details


Well a cover that’s mysterious that’ll draw people in cuz my story is about a girl get caught in a love feud with two guys one a bad boy and the other king of a gang


can you send the details


Ok um what kind of details do you need?


character detail


I don’t know if this will work but if it doesn’t I’ll explain what they look like


thx is that the only one


No sorry it would only let me put one hold on and thx!


did you type something in it also what is the title and author name


Sorry really new at this


These are my main characters


thank you what is the author name and story title


@DeathlyCow will be helping me make the cover


Title: Love Story?
Authors name: Crazy101
And I will definitely give a shout out to both of you! Thx again!


Awesome! No problem :slight_smile:


want me to edit the characters


Also, would you like a certain colour for the background?