Story covers/ How do I put them into my story?

So firstly, could someone make me a story cover? Summary: Lexi Milburn doesn’t believe in fate until she moves to Maine for the summer. Will Lexi finally believe in fate or will her life be a train wreck. Lexi’s skin tone is Neutral 02, eyebrow: Arched Natural Scar (deep brown). Hair color: Ash Blonde. Eyes: Brown Black, Smokey eye. Face: Square Defined. Nose: Round Button. Lips: Full round pouty. Also, How do I enter the cover/art into my story? Thank you to everyone who helps me out!

You need to upload it as a background and use it as any other Episode provided backgrounds.

Do you know anyone who can make me a story cover/art scene?

Check here:

There are many artists who make covers here :wink:

Click the red pencil

Then upload

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What do artists use to make the covers?

You need to ask them :wink:

Ok… I just need art.