Story Covers (Limelight)

I always kinda just winged my story covers, but I’m working on a new unreleased story and I’m really putting a lot of effort into, so I also wanted to put effort into my covers. I’m only artistic when it comes to doing cartoon characters, and I don’t wanna bother someone to draw me stuff up. I don’t have like any followers on Instagram either so a contest is out of the question. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

Do you want a cover for your story? if so I can make one and if you like it u use and if u don’t it doesn’t matter :grin:

Omg really?! That would be awesome if you really don’t mind!!!

Is that their Instagram name or their name on here?

Can you send me the character and their clothes :slight_smile: And what type of theme and background woudl you like!

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I’m gonna take some screenshots and I’ll message them to you, I can’t thank you again for this! :grin: