Story Covers (Limelight)


I always kinda just winged my story covers, but I’m working on a new unreleased story and I’m really putting a lot of effort into, so I also wanted to put effort into my covers. I’m only artistic when it comes to doing cartoon characters, and I don’t wanna bother someone to draw me stuff up. I don’t have like any followers on Instagram either so a contest is out of the question. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?


Post a contest through the forums! @madisonw made a contest sharing thread I think so that might help…


Do you want a cover for your story? if so I can make one and if you like it u use and if u don’t it doesn’t matter :grin:


Episode Creativity could do it! (If you still need the covers)


Omg really?! That would be awesome if you really don’t mind!!!


Is that their Instagram name or their name on here?


The original is @Episode-Creativity on here.


Can you send me the character and their clothes :slight_smile: And what type of theme and background woudl you like!


I’m gonna take some screenshots and I’ll message them to you, I can’t thank you again for this! :grin: