Story Covers...Who Can Do Them

I need covers who can help me out ?


It honestly depends on the art style you want
I do a full cover for 10$ USD
Here is an example


Waist and up covers are only 5
If you want multiple paintings i give two for one prices

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I would recommend going to a art shop… LL or INK?

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You should try coversbyemily1 on Instagram she makes covers and so much more. But she takes commission but they’re really low trust me her covers are amazing!

i can! i do art commissions which are paid. i’m still looking for customers so the prices will be made cheaper for the first few orders! here are some examples + prices-

I do edited covers so therefor they are free of prices (:

My Examples

Im open for commissions if you want.

here are some samples. You can dm @zamiraarts <3

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If you want edited covers I do free ones here


If you want Art ones My friend and I do it but for that we take Commission.

Cris And Arora’s Art Shop - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

Both realistic and non realistic


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What are the prices in ringgit if u don’t mind?

portrait- 137 MYR
bust- 164 MYR
waist- 192 MYR
half body- 219 MYR
full body- 263 MYR
if these are too high, we can negotiate for a lower price! :blob_hearts:

I don’t pay sorry :grimacing::grimacing:

I don’t pay sorry :grimacing:

I don’t pay sorry


Ok let me check the art shop out

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i am currently taking requests!

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are they free or paid?

commissions are paid xD

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i do free if ur still looking but they aren’t by hand, i can send u some examples if u want, but for some reason it wont let me post them here, ill find a way if u think ur interested.

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could you send me ur email i could share the in drive

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