Story Covers...Who Can Do Them

I don’t pay sorry :grimacing::grimacing:

I don’t pay sorry :grimacing:

I don’t pay sorry


Ok let me check the art shop out

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i am currently taking requests!

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are they free or paid?

commissions are paid xD

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i do free if ur still looking but they aren’t by hand, i can send u some examples if u want, but for some reason it wont let me post them here, ill find a way if u think ur interested.

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could you send me ur email i could share the in drive

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Here’s the link

Are those the only examples you have

yeah im new to this sry

I added a little more if you’re still looking

No I have cover now


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Hello I have a art shop:

The examples are on my website
Make sure you read the topic for more info
There is a raffle for a chance to win a free V.I.P cover
check it out!

@Sydney_H close this thread

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