Story Creator App Suggestions

So I did not find a place to put feedback except the Website feedback but I am not sure if that includes the app.

Anyway, I love how the app allows you to create stories on it, but I would love if the features on the computer were available on the app.

For this I have a suggestion. A separate app for creating stories. This would have the following important tabs

  1. Files
    A. Characters
    B. Outfits
    C. Backgrounds
    D. Sound
    E. Misc

Under this tab you could choose to open outfits and you would get a list of all outfits you have made and named with a small preview image. With this you can choose to make a new outfit. It would send you to like the customization screen and you choose male or female. You then can look through all tops, bottoms, shoes, etc available and make then save it to your collection.

You can also do the same with characters. You can upload your own pictures into background and short MP3 files.

There could also possibly be a recolor option for outfits. Like a black and red jacket would show a black circle and a red circle. Clicking on the circle would give other color options.

In addition there will be a “Community Creation Store.” This would include premade characters, outfits, hairstyles, backgrounds, etc that other users made themselves and chose to upload to the Store.

  1. Create

This is where you would create your story. You can choose from any of the styles like Limelight. You can also choose if you want the basic(which is what the app has now) or the advanced(which is what the computer has).

When making the story, you have a screen that you type on and an arrow at the bottom. The arrow pulls up the list of files and you can click on an outfit/character/etc name to see it. Then press okay and it will insert the thing where your cursor is.

There could also be a “custom female character” or”custom male character” code built in.” You would choose it from a list of words and it would insert the code for that into your code.

When stories are done, you can publish the chapter and it will sync with your account on the main app and the computer to upload the story to everyone.


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