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SooOO I just published my story Fleeting Magic If you’re interested, I’d really appreciate you checking it out, But i’m still not 100% on the description. I’m terrible at descriptions but I know they make or break a story so if anyone has advice i’d appreciate it!

So this is the current Description…Not the best but eh? It captures the plot pretty well.
The mana that surrounds your home has begun to disappear, Fearing the worst, the Queen tasks four seemingly random civilians to save the magic of your home. Will you succeed?
When you’re summoned to the palace by the Queen, You are given an impossible task, Save the Magic of your home. Magic, Danger, Adventure, & Love Await. Will you make it out alive?

SO I gave it another go this time with a more “episode” description. I’m kinda leaning towards the second but it sounds a tad trashy but hey people like that kinda stuff anywho pls help

To be honest, I like both of them, I feel like the first one is missing a bit of something since the second description says “Magic, danger, adventure, and love await.” Why not try to combine both and see if you like what you come up with or not?

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Both are good descriptions but your right, the second option does have a more 'episode ’ vibe to it.
I suggest taking out the second ‘Magic’.

in option 2.

When the magic of your home begins to wither, the queen assembles a team to save it. You’re one of four citizens chosen. Can you solve the mystery, save the magic and stay alive?

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oH I like that

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