Story Description Help (LL) The Billionaire's Waitress

i need help with my story

it’s about a waitress and a billionaire finding love with each other

this is my current one

After years of being under the roof of her cruel adopted parents, Mia moves to New York to start her new life.
What happens when she meets devilishly handsome billionaire Riccardo.

help please <3


Hard life with her steppearents always on her move. But moving to New York changes her life.
(idk if its good :woman_shrugging:)

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After years of being forced to live with her evil adopted parents, Mia moves to New York to get a fresh start. What happens when she meets the handsome billionaire, Ricardo? Will he rock her world, or end it?

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What’s the billionaire famous for? (It can help with the description) (:

He owns bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, strip clubs all around new york & the world basically like a mafia leader but he’s not

shes also a waitress in her last year at school

You, a waitress with a difficult past. When a handsome billionaire enters your life, will he manage to catch your attention or will he exit just as quick as he entered? (:

oooo i like that one

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I’ll send a few more options as I think of them (:

Option 2)

Being a waitress, you life becomes a boring cycle. As soon as HE enters your life, will he change your life for the best or for the worst?

Option 3)

With a billionaire trying to catch attention and a tough past resurfacing, will you run or will you hang around take the consequences coming your way?

i still like the first one i think ill use that one thank you <33

Your welcome (:

my other story
Soulmates (werewolf story)

Aria and Lucas have been best friends for years until her parents were murdered by rogues and he left town shortly after due to the pain of losing them three years later he returns (that’s the plot)

current one
A story of two werewolves who are destined for each other, but what happens when they are faced with difficult choices? Will they stand together or will they fall apart…

With her parents gone, Aria looses everything. With her past returning after leaving so long ago, will she forgive and move on or will she forever hold the grudge?

ooo i like it <33 but needs to mention that they are soulmates with it being a werewolf story

Try showing them being soulmates instead of explicitly telling it (:

You could explain the symptoms in the story (each of them smells amazing to the other, they feel drawn to each other, protective over each other etc…)

This way, u don’t have to literally say they’re soul mates since the title gives a hint that they are anyway (:

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