Story Description help thank you

He’s married so he should be off limits, and yet she can’t help but be thirty for him.

Can anyone help me make this sound better.

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Maybe include your character names? The context of their relationships also matter — if he’s married are they having an affair or is it a realization of feelings that leads to a divorce and a new physical relationship? Because if he’s cheating in his marriage that’s something that should be part of the description.


Your in love with a married man so hes off limits but yet you cant help but be thirsty for him. Will he ever be into you?


I this love this idea but, not sure how to word it.

I meant instead of “he” and “she” you could replace them with their character’s names.

Like if the married man was named ‘Alex’ and the she in your description is named ‘Carol’ then your description would be:

Alex is a married man so he should be off limits and yet Carol can’t help but be attracted to him.

When I asked for context of their relationship I basically wanted to know if the married man eventually gets with the she in your description or if he remains married? Do the she and he like each other or does he not like her? If they have a relationship (or even if it isn’t a relationship and they kiss or flirt) is it while he’s still married to another person or has he separated? Because that really matters in the description.

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As a married man, he should be off limits. But you can’t seem to stay away.
When attraction slowly turns into something more, will you find yourself entangled in a steamy affair?!


Why are you writing a story about cheating? :confused:

Because I wanted to try something different than other authors if you don’t like my idea then maybe this story isn’t for you. :heart:

this is perfect thank you

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You’re welcome, I’m glad you liked it! :blush:

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