Story description. Help!

I really need a description for my story. It’s called The Bet and it isn’t out yet.

The MC is a spoiled brat and annoys her LI. He makes the bet on her with his friends and one of his friends says “I bet you can break her heart” and the LI replies “That’s a good idea. She will learn her lesson and she won’t be a selfish b**** ever again.” but the MC hears him and she swears that she will break his heart. But will they fall in love trying to break each other?

This story is based on my Wattpad book. It’s in my native language.


MC NAME, a spoiled girl that just can’t be nice. After making a bet, LI NAME has to make sure to make her fall in love with him to break her heart. Or will he be the one that will break?


This sounds so good.

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Do you want a credit. And if you want what is your instagram?

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No credit needed! Thank you!

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(MC name) is known for being a selfish brat. A group of guys decide to play a little bet, to make that girl learn her lesson by breaking her heart. Will she be the one who gets broken or somebody else?

I truly don’t know what I just wrote here, but I hope this helps you somehow lmao

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