Story description help


So… I need help summing my story to make a description. My story is about a girl who thought she had cancer but it was something way more than that. And it’s been building up since she was 14. She finds out she is very powerful and all her dreams of a supernatural land were true. She finds out one night by getting snowed in her school and she doesn’t have her medicine. Usually when she doesn’t taken her medicine weird things start happening, like what she thought were hallucinations. This time she starts hearing things and the voice tells her to go into the closet in the classroom. Her bestfriend not wanting her to go alone she follows and ends up in a supernatural realm with her.


She thought she was sick but it turns out she is way more than that. Having hallucinations and dreams about a supernatural land makes her go into the closet in a classroom with a best friend. They end up in the supernatural land of her dreams. What will happen next? Who was the voice she heard? And why wanted that person to bring her there?

I don’t know if this is good, I personally think it is a little too long but I hope you like it.


Thinking herself as sick, Having hallucinations and hearing voices that nobody heard. Was it really just hallucination or something more than that…What happens next when they end up in a land of supernatural being???

Okay I really hope this gets into the description box as I tried my best to make it fit into it…


I love it!


Do you think you could he me with the title? the one I have now just doesn’t make since


What do you have right now??


“Making Memories” But that was before I added more to the plot so It kinda doesn’t make since now lol


What about -
“Hallucinations” or
“A different world then us” or


Ouuu I have one nvm! Thanks though. I’m going to call it “From Dreams to Nightmares” since the supernatural realm was much worse then she dreamt & expected.




I am definitely using that description though!


No problem…:blush::blush:


What would you like me to credit you as?


Um… you can use my instagram its @princesssana_sa