Story Description Ideas? (For my newest story, Partners in Crime)

Does anyone have a story description idea for my story, Partners in Crime?

It’s about a girl who’s a police officer. One day, while she and her best friend are out partying, she gets a call from her police chief. After ignoring his calls seven times, she realizes something is wrong and arrives at the police station. Her chief explains that a dangerous criminal was on the loose in the area, named Ryder (last name, not sure yet), and that they tried to arrest him but failed. He gives her details about what he looks like. That night, she gets attacked by a group of scary criminals, and Ryder saves her. The MC has this gut feeling that is telling her Ryder is innocent. She reports to the chief, but he refuses to believe her. To keep Ryder safe, she lets him live with her, and ends up falling for him later in the story.

EDIT: And they also work together to capture the real criminals

What’s the main characters name? Or is it just “you”

The reader gets to pick her name

EDIT: And they also work together to capture the real criminals

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It might be too long, but this is what I got:
When a wanted criminal saves your life in an attack, you have no choice but to help him. But your job as a police officer starts to get in the way. Will you choose your heart or the law?
Shorten it if it’s too long.

Thanks, I’ll put you in the credits! Should I use your forums or Instagram username?

My episode Instagram is @ebx_06. Thank you!

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