Story Description Not Saving!

Some of my story descriptions are not saving and if they do they only save a few words. I pay close attention to the character count required and make sure I am well under it. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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omw, this happens to me too! :scream:

I haven’t filed a support ticket because I thought it wasn’t such a big deal, and maybe it was because some words were restricted or something like that, but if you feel like this is a problem, you can try filing a support ticket here :blue_heart:

I know that it hates my Instagram name, so I have to remove my handle before saving because it won’t save if it doesn’t like something you put in there.

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(I know this is somewhat unrelated to the original topic, but how I solve the instagram name handle is I do all caps / some caps like … leefunkepisode rip doesn’t work … LEEFunkEPIsoDE yay this works)

Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile: