Story description


I’m having troubles saving the story description. It only saves some of it does anyone know what I can do?


Hmmm… sometimes it’s an error with the instagram handle it’s says in invalid and it won’t save you other things


You must’ve exceeded the description character limit, you can only use a certain amount of character limits and if you exceed it then it won’t work.


I’m sure you can’t write more than the limit :thinking:


Yeah, that’s what i’m saying like I made my description long but it stopped at like “the” instead of “they’re “ :joy::joy: if that makes sense


I tried to delete that and it still doesn’t work.


It usually just stops you from writing but I’ll try to delete stuff.


What about other social media accounts? Or maybe keywords are wrong? :thinking:


yeah, I think it’s the keywords that’s messing her up most likely, cus I know when I insert wrong keywords it messes up


No, none of that. I tried everything and it’s not working.


can you screenshot what it says


It’s supposed to say more then that and when I try to save it, it goes back to this every time.


it stops you right there ?!


Yeah. I’ve tried doing it on another browser and it still doesn’t work.


Yeah, you should submit a ticket. That’s weird that that’s happening to you. hope everything gets resolved!


Okay, thank you.


Did you try to save it without it? I had the same problem and it was because my IG but also because I was past in it instead of writing in it. Try this as well.


I tried that and it worked, thank you!!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: