Story doesn't appear for testing

So I did the whole 3+ episodes with minimum 400 lines each and my story still won’t appear in the app (I copy-pasted the lines from the first episode to save time). I submitted a ticket and everything but haven’t received a response yet. What do I do??

I had this problem too from time to time. What u can do is use the link for ur story. This will open the story

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Do you have an error in one of the episodes? For me, new stories only show up in the “Create” section for the first time, once they are error free. I am not sure if this included backgrounds/overlays with pending approval … it’s been a while. But try to check for all errors.

Tip to help: If you have a line with an error you know of but cannot get rid of atm, just put a # at the beginning of that line to make the script ignore that line, save the episode. Then you should see it on the app. You can then remove the # again and still see the story in your “create” section.

Hope this works for you too!


Thanks, I’ll try it.


(Please just ignore this for the time being; it’s the only way I can test it via link :roll_eyes:)[/spoiler]

Yeah, so far my errors are only unapproved backgrounds and overlays maybe I’ll try it this way, too, though. :thinking: