Story drama ideas?

Soooooo as the title says I need drama ideas for my new story love is a hexagon
It’s a vampire story
One girl and 6 vampires
You would think it be easy to do drama with that many but I’m blank
So if you have any ideas lay them on me lol

Hmmmm… I think you should have a part where someone bites their toungue and then their toungue turns into a vampire.

As for the drama part:
-You could have the main character try to run away
-Maybe she’s part vampire and doesn’t know it
-One of the vampires is secretly evil and wants to kill her
-One of the vampire’s werewolf ex-girlfriend shows up and the MC and the werewolf have an epic battle
-One of the vampires commits a crime and she tries to defend him
-They bite her but for some reason she doesn’t turn into a vampire

I’m pretty sure there’s more but I’m lazy.

lol good suggestions

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Some good ideas might be that even if a vampire bit you then you wouldn’t turn into a vampire yourself, unless they wanted you to. Or if you were a certain type of vampire.

A lot of good types of stories that include vampires is that the mc doesn’t realize till night how scary they are, and that’s when she finds out that they are vampires.

When a mc gets scared at the beginning it would be interesting.

I hope that helps you out. if you need any help from me you can contact me via Instagram or Email.

Insta: blackjack.stories

I agree the email is long.

ok thank you

No problem