Story drawing that’s painted NEEDED

Well thank you. Could you create a cover for my romance story.
I would like the boy holding the girl in his arms while she is holding a gun.
Girl: long straight, Red hair, medium lips( light pink) that glow. And cold her cheeks glow a little like highlighter? Same oh the nose . Could she be wearing a dark blue dress that screams danger (example not to be written btw) and black heels. Eyebrows: medium thin arched. Basically a normal episode limelight nose. I would like her to be wearing a silver necklace ( examples with be below )
Boy: Male athletic body, hair : man bun ( platinum white ) medium, petit lips
Picture will be down below
Btw I changed the colour of his hair in this description. I would like him to be wearing a shirt and ripped jeans while looking a bit mysterious.
Oh and could the girl have a little simple smirk or smile but at same time she Looks dangerous.! I would like it like the picture down below craving scar if your able to do that. Background: dark blurred purple and blue sparkly. No text is needed just that.

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hi, if you’re still interested, i know a very talented artist who can take your request! but is it ok if it’s commissioned? (10-60$, depending. yours seem around 30$)


omg that first picture is GORGEOUS :tired_face: :sob:

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thank you so much!! pam loves u <3

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