Story Editing/Grammar Help

I’ve been reading stories on Episode for awhile now. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed, is that there are a lot of really great stories, with some really poor grammar, which can unfortunately discourage readers from continuing the story. So let me help you!

I am a college graduate, with English as my first language, and before I graduated I was a writing tutor. I would love to help anyone who struggles with grammar or English in general, edit their stories. I have a quick turn around time and can work with any time frame.

Let me know if you are interested!


Wow, this is so generous of you!
Honestly I thought many times about creating a thread like “looking for someone to proofread my English”, and now that you offered this, I would like to take the chance. Is it OK if I send you my story in PM?


Absolutely! I’d love to help you out!

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I have a script I need core eyes an di would really appreciate it if you can do that.

I can definitely help you out. DM me and we can set everything up. :slight_smile:

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Sure. Thanks.

LOL! Grammar is my thing, so I totally understand. I was a writing tutor for my University, I definitely understand the pet peeves. :smile:

Hey I need someone who is an episode publisher to help me write my story because I don’t really understand all the animations and stuff so if you are willing to help me out PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

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Hey, I would love to help you, but I don’t have any stories published myself. I haven’t learned all the commands yet. I’m sorry. :persevere:

It’s ok just trying to just a little confused with all the animations and stuff. Thank you though!

You’re welcome! Sorry I couldn’t be of help.