Story era poll [hehe]

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so i plotted out my story but im having second doubts now…

and noww im revamping the entire thing now wowww

ANYWAYS which one do you prefer?

  • story takes place in the present
  • story takes place in past (historical fiction)

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hey! :wave:

I admire those who are willing to step out of the boundaries of the community. It shows passion, bravery and courage. It’s good you are asking what people like in a story, but if you chase after what you really desire and what you really want to write, your passion will be more vivid and more prominent. And your story will find the audience it deserves.

So to see it up, write what you wanna write!!

Happy directing!! :relaxed:


Yess time travel!! I love stories like that!!

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Definitely time travel!!! Love those stories, would be so cool. What about in the future put a rosy-brownish/red kind of filter and a blue-ish filter for the future and normal for present time? It’ll make things easier for the reader

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