Story Feedback!

Hiya, so I’ve recently started my first Episode story. :sparkles:
Like a total idiot, I didn’t really develop my plot or really choose a direction for it to go before starting.

I just want to discuss back and forth with someone about the story and different directions to take the plot, my character design, the story title, etc. So, basically, I want feedback on every aspect of my story.

Here’s some basic info:
TITLE: Glambition
GENRE: Comedy (the intended audience being teenagers)

This is Blair, a 23-year-old bisexual female. She is a multiracial Brazilian with her specific background being up to the reader. She is going to be Semi-Customizable. Blair is also the main character.

This is Charisma, a friend of Blair’s. Most of the details for her haven’t been worked out.
PROGRESS: about 130 lines :grimacing:

The plot is based on Blair starting work as an assistant to the Editor in Chief of Verse magazine.

That’s a link to the current story. :star2:

So, hopefully, you guys have some good feedback.

I’d love to help. I’m still a new author (I published my story exactly a week a go lol). However, I’ve been told that despite how new I am, my directing and writing is quite good. If you want to check out my work before making any decision, that’s fine too. Here’s the link to my story, just in case you want to check it out first:
PM if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Yes! I’d love your help. And I checked out your story, it’s pretty good!

So, I wanna start off talking about the title.
In some stories, the title has to do with something physically in the story.
Like if the story is about a quest to save the magic kingdom Salonica from a Dark Crystal, the story is named Dark Crystal.

Do you think I should rename the magazine Glambitiom? or let the readers assume the name stems from the fact that Blair has an ambition to get into this glamorous world?

Either one works! When I read the title, I assumed it was the latter. It could also be a combination of the two. If the name of the magazine is Glambition, they would probably state something regarding the name in their vision/mission/history. There are many glam magazines out there, but maybe the reason Blair was so drawn to that particular magazine to begin with, was because she felt identified with what they stand for. “I need to be part of this” kind of feeling.

However, before diving too deep into the title, it might be a good idea to polish the plot and characters a little bit more. I think that once that you have a more clear idea of what the story is really about, the “why” for the title will make more sense.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: