Story Game- Hating My Life As A Princess 😯


Hating My Life As A Princess
Ella, a girl who is the princess of King Lucien and Queen Bella. Her parents spoil her but she wants to be a normal girl like the others. But unfortunately, she can do nothing about it as the gates and the castle is securely locked. Will she be able to find freedom? And more importantly, will she find love???

I’ll start…

Ella groaned. She HATED her king sized bed with fluffy pillows. She loathed the sweet food and the huge castle. And she wanted to get free!!!
"Ohhhh…"She groaned, kicking her pillows.


“Princess, I believe that your parents expect to see you at dinner.” says the butler Jonathan, while quietly entering the rooom. Jonathan was a tall man with brown eyes and a thin black moustache. He was a somewhat friend to Ella, and was always there to help.

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Ella sat up on her bed, with a grumpy look on her face. “Hey… Jonathan…” she greets, waving lazily. She lied back to the bed, “Yeah… okay. It’s dinner so I have time… right?” Ella was still sleepy, and wants to have one more hour to sleep.


Jonathan laughs a bit.” I’m sorry your highness, but your mother said that you definitely can’t sleep in. Mostly because you have a lot of work to be done today.” Johnathan has always cared about Ella since she was born. She was like a child he was never able to have.


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Ella tosses in her bed before reluctantly getting up. It was true she disliked her bed but it was quite comfortable! “Fine, just don’t tell me I have a meeting with that boring prince mother wants me to take an interest in,” Ella sighed as her butler made his way over to her walk-in closet. “I’m afraid so, your highness. Though it’s not today as you have dinner and other matters so don’t worry,” Johnathan reassured the princess. “I will find you a suitable outfit for dinner. A princess must look her absolutel best at all times after all.”


“Thanks, Jonathan” sighed Ella. “No problem! It is my job after all… Ah! I think I’ve found the perfect outfit.”. “Jonathan, could you lay the outfit on the bed?” “Of course.” Jonathan places a pair of orange pants and a white shirt on the bed. "I will be leaving now. I advise you to change quickly!" And Jonathan leaves. Ella slowly puts her clothes on, and proceeds to head downstairs.


She walks down the staircase in her elegant blue ball gown to see the most handsome human she had ever laid eyes upon. And a prince by his side with a smug looking smile.

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Ella rolled her eyes at the prince. “You are looking beautiful in that dress, Your Highness.” The prince said with an innocent smile, Ella sighed. She did like the prince. First of all, he’s handsome. Second, he’s such a gentleman. But that didn’t even made her want to marry him. She hates being a princess, what more if she’s a queen now?


The prince looked at Ella for a while then cleared his throat.” Are you okay your highness.” Ella returned from her thoughts and looked at the prince again. She looked at her parents who were smiling.” Your highness I would like to go for a walk with you.” Ella froze for a moment…


But not wanting to be scolded by her parents she reluctantly walked with him to the beautiful gardens. But what he said next suprised her. Quietly he “whispered I know you hate it here, so let me make a bargain with you”




Ella scoffed.
“Nice try, Prince but no thanks.”
She was about to walk off, when the Nicholas the Prince caught her sleeve.
“Are you sure about that Princess?” he snarled into her ear.


Ella’s heart sped up.
“What do you want?”


The prince smirked at her, and leaned into her.” I know that you hate being a princess, and I know someone who could help.” The prince smiled at her waiting for her response.


“Hopefully not you,” Ella replied snarkily.

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The prince laughed.” Aw dear Ella it’s not me, it’s someone else. I’d be happy to take you there though.” The prince smiled at her and waved at a passing guard.

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“Your offer seems nice, but what would you want in return?” Ella asked.


The prince smirked, “Only a child, beared by you.”