Story Game- Hating My Life As A Princess 😯


“Hm, maybe not,” Ella said, feeling like this was being a bit too rushed. “Bit inappropriate, wasn’t it?”


“If you really wanted to be free’d from being a princess, you’d accept the offer.” The prince glared at Ella, “But if you’d rather stay here don’t accept.”


Ella stepped back from him. “I think there are many other ways of being free from being a princess.” She said.


“Not a lot Ella, but have it your way…just be stuck here for the rest of your life.” He smirked as he walked towards the door.” Enjoy the same boring life…over, and over again.”


“Wait!” I called out.
“I’ll do it…” she mumbled.
“What was that?” the prince smirked.
“I’ll DO IT!” Ella shouted.
“Good choice…babe” he laughed

If they end up…you know please dont make it to inappropriate…


Forgive me…

A few months later, Ella ended up being pregnant and…

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I can’t believe I’m stuck with this idiot. And I’m pregnant. Welp. Time to go hide in a closet.


Ella made her way to the closet besring a child for the handsome prince the prince didnt keep his promise about letting Ella live a normal life, she had more jewels and more royal guards to protect her. She hated her life even more ans wanted to attemot suicide “Its better to end my life” she says as she makes her way to grab a knife. But something, a kick from the bany made her stop. “This baby didnt have the chance to live, ill be so selfish” she says crying in the closet