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hey ~

i was wondering what everyones favourite story genre is on episode? i was wondering this because i am currently trying to write my first episode story and would love to hear some feedback regarding what everyones favourite genre is! and i would also like to know why! thank you for answering. it is very much appreciated.


Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Mystery, a little bit of Romance.

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do you like to see combinations of these genres? or only separatly?

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I mean, it doesn’t really matter, but whatever genre you want to combine, it’s fine. :wink:

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thank you! i am currently debating which genre to focus on for my first story because i personally am a sucker for all genres. :skull:


i felt this :sob: :sob:

i just am so hyped about writing my first story, but i have NO CLUE which genre to focus on. rip.

Focus on all the genre, combine them. But what is your most favorite one.

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i could help you!!! if you could help me with something too lmao i’m actually stuck on a part of my story :sob: :sob:

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as of right now, i am really feeling fantasy, comedy && romance the most.

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i can try to help for sure!

I don’t have one favourite genre I love
Fantasy, romance and comedy

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I like comedy, mystery (murder-mystery too), drama, and romance

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@Aria_episode_writes && @epy.dey14 thank you for your input!

i am currently thinking of doing fantasy mixed with romance/drama!

Romance! but there are relly good stories in Adventure and Mystery

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Me personally I love romance mixed with Drama❤️

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