Story Help and ideas!

I want to create a story but was wondering what would interest some of you. I do not want to create something which has been used before. Something unique and something that would intrigue other readers. If anyone has any ideas, either PM me, or comment your suggestions below. LI ? it’s not something many people do and I think it would create a challenge. I’m doing it for my story
2. think about what you want you’re story to include do you want magic or do you want it to be realistic?


Supernatural enimys

I was thinking doing it in LL as it opens up more options of hair, facial features, clothing items etc. And I don’t want it to be unrealistic. I don’t want magic and stuff like that. PM me and we can discuss :slight_smile:

that’s great but I meant Love Interests xx LL is an amazing style so no hate to that and it’s still getting updated xx

I was thinking on including a love interest or many possible ones. Not LGBTQ as such, but someone that is sort of a main character in the story.

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Choices Matter a lot of people say they will do stories where choices matter but they never really seem to follow through on actually having the choices matter


alright how about starting from scratch: what do you have in you’re head right now? I mean you must have some kind of idea ? maybe even a name for a character I mean it’s a start to something? I started because I got this character popped up in my head

Yes I agree with you there. I wouldn’t say I’m new to the episode writing scene, but I am still learning a few things. I have created a few stories in the past but never seemed to follow through with them as such

I have no idea about names right now, but I sort of have a rough idea on what I want it to be about. But I am no good at backgrounds as in the characters background. I think that when I try and explain something, I go into too much detail and it gets very boring

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great help for coding

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Im a first time writer Long time reader sooo yeaahhh…And also i hear alot of people sayin no cliches blah blah blah…I say feel free to use cliches but also even it our with realistic scenarios…like just don’t go overboard. keep it balanced

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I frequently look up joseph evans on youtube. He has very easy instructions to follow.

yeah they are amazing !

omg same…i think i get carried away with the details that i forget about the “Bigger” picture sometimes

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Aren’t they just!

Yeah, I keep forgetting that in order to make a story work, you’ve got to give only little pieces of the story at a time. Too much beforehand makes it too predictable

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So, something unique. My suggestion for this is to create a list of every cliche you can think of. Or you can just look at the rest of a majority of these threads :joy:
Something that would intrigue others. Have you read any stories that you were particularly interesting? Why were you hooked? Could you incorporate it in your story without copying their idea?
and @Minoesje thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:

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no problem xxx

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