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Thank you for the link!

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what do you feel confident in making? because, heres the thing. some genres are hard to write in. like very complicated, take mstery for example. it’s hard to write a gooooooood suspenseful mystery, so if you’re not a mystery writer then don’t write a mystery. also, like comedy, if you’re not funny, don’t write a comedy. it’s honestly whatever you feel is your strong suit. and if you don’t know, think ab some tv shows an movies you’ve thoroughly enjoyed! try writing in that genre, because not only does it interest you, but it may interest others!

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I’m not sure tbh, I like to think of many different ideas and which ever sounds the most interesting I try to make that. But I’m not sure rn. I have names but need an idea

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Don’t go for the typical romantic bad boy style, way too basic in my opinion.

Go for something action-like, thrilling. In my opinion, make a story about a guy who is trying to get away from his crazy family, who treat him like he’s a worthless piece of trash. And, then he ends up getting a new family in (whatever country you’d like), but little does he know that he’s the king of an unknown land, but his parents never told him because he lost his memories from a truck accident and has been unconscious since.

Hope this idea helps.

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