Story help/I need a solution to a problem

Hey guys so I asked people which story to write, and they chose this one.
Shy, invisible girl at highschool wishes every night to be noticed by someone, but one night feels different, the next day she wakes up and goes through her normal routine at school, until she realizes she really is invisible and so is the boy that has bullied her through high school. Now they both must find a way to get out, but will they fall for eachother?
But im having a hard time finding a way for them to become uninvisible? This is all I have but I feel like this is boring! any suggestions?
: the way to get out could be character growth, but both of them refuse to accept it. For example, he has to change and realize what he used to do and who he used to be was not okay to become uninvisible. And MC (sheltered her whole life, shy) has to… That’s what I’m stuck on! I would need a better backstory for MC and LI but other then this idea its the only one I have to get them to become uninvisible.

Im just wondering would you guys read it if this was there way to become uninvisible! Im not looking for you guys to solve all my problems just looking for feedback!

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Sounds like a nice story!
You could perhaps have the MC come out of her shell by doing things she was afraid to do or make her have this one big goal that she felt was too risky.
Also what do you mean by “uninvisible”? Do you mean physically be seen?

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yes I mean physically. At school she feels metaphorically “invisible” until one night she really is physically invisible

Maybe she realizes that being visible and noticed by everyone wasn’t worth it/isn’t what she really wanted after all and all she needed was only one person to truly notice her (him)?

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