Story help ink 😅

I’ve been thinking of making an ink vampire based story but I honestly don’t know how to due to the fact episode no longer updates ink; so you don’t get many options.

Anyways, I’m stuck on how to actually make my characters look like vampires (red eyes, fangs, etc) without having to make bunch of custom poses (or something like that)

I’ve seen some writers make the screen go black then narrate what happens like an actual book during specific parts of the story. It may not be ideal and isn’t always preferable, but it is an option.

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ah thank you so much, i’ll keep that in mind :))

bumping :v:

Narration could go a long way. Maybe add some art scenes when the character turns into a vampire? I love Ink and so far, I’ve planned to mainly write in that style. I get the struggle LMAO.
Personally, that’s what I would do. :slight_smile: The red eyes on Episode are perfect as they are, so that could work. The only issue would be the fangs, I suppose.

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I’m so late! Sorry but yessss I was considering the red (Auburn) eyes

thank you!

stan ink :relieved: