Story help. Writers block

Pls: This is long .
I need help on this party scene I’m doing so the description of my story is Violet a rich spoiled brat has trouble adjusting to her new life with her new step dad and siblings. Just an unusual tantrum changes into a life changing time for violet. For the first episode I show a day in her life. Then In the second episode I explain her backstory but I got to a party where there is a party scene where she walks in with her best friend I don’t want to do it cliche but I also want her to meet her love interest. But she won’t like remember him because she’s too drunk she’ll see him in later episodes. Srry this is too long but I just need help.


Hey i’ll pm you

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You want to have something in your first episode to captivate your readers so they will want to read on!

Hey. You can pm me more about storyline more details

What if at the party she spills her drink on the LI or maybe “gets sick” on his shoes?? Lol

That is a goodddd oneee

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