STORY HYPE: Silence speaks

I am writing a story called Silence Speaks which is about a variety of foster children who’ve all been seperated from their families at some point and ended up in a group home together, in particular it focuses on one foster child who has both autism and is a mute.

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If requested, I will show a portrait of all the foster children. <3

NOTE: This story goes in depth about different mental, and medical problems HOWEVER you can skip if needed.

Examples of mental/medical problems:

One girl has been PHYSICALLY abused by her parents
One girl has been apart of human trafficking and was kidnapped from her mother
The twins who are both deaf and blind were used as illegal lab rats by their parents
One boy was the son of gangsters
One girl never knew her mother due to her mother dying during giving birth to her in the teen pregnancy
One girl suffers from autism and became a mute after the death of her parents

MORE foster children will be added during the process of this however there is only the main ones for now. <3

Story is not yet out but will be out possibly around christmas depending on how long assignments go, how fast I can finish requests, get overlays approved and can script.

So this is a spoiler for what has yet to come. c;


Love the title

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Heh thanks, I was actually worried about it. Mainly because I was worried the plot would then sound like Silence is the loudest scream which follows ANOTHER mute foster child. It’s written by cateyedgoddess, I was like soo worried it would be thought of as the same.

No I like it! Its deep :grin:

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