Story idea about being lost at sea

So I think I’ve got about 5 story ideas and I’m working on 2 of them… was working on 2 of them my mental health hasn’t been the best and I just haven’t had the energy or concentration to do anything to them. But any time I get ideas I write them down.

9/10 times my ideas usually come from dreams :joy: so heres the dream I had last night.

I was in the middle of nowhere floating on a raft in this beautiful blue sea, so all I could see was sea and this orange sun set, and I was trying to get home by attempting to steer the raft with my hands… there was even some sort of song in my head but the only words I remember being sung was “I don’t know how I’ll get home, cus I don’t know how far I’m out.”

Now if you are like me, I believe that our dreams have meaning. So I googled my dream meaning and it was an interesting read and seemed to confirm how I’ve been feeling lately so :thinking: although I don’t know about the song

But anyway on its own it doesn’t make for much of a story so I’d have to play around with it. For instance, the MC for a reason I haven’t thought of yet decides to build a raft and explore the sea, they don’t intend to go far but end up falling asleep, when they wake up they realise that they are in the middle of the sea and they have no idea just how far they have drifted away, the only thing they have to indicate in which direction they need to go is a compass.

:thinking: like I say it needs a lot of playing with and I don’t think I’d do much with it yet because I think I need to focus on my mental health and getting better, a long with my current stories which I’m hoping to get my motivation back to do something with.

But what are your thoughts on this??
given that this would be mainly in the sea I doubt it would make for a long story although I’d probably make it so they find different islands and stuff to stop at.

Would this be something you guys think could work and actually make a decent story line?
I also had an idea for a title which I think would be something simple such as lost at sea or a drift…


I think it could be interesting.

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this could be a very good story(((:

my input, if you want it(:

maybe the MC loves the water, always having a passion of marine life, and they get invited to go on a boat expedition in some other country.
There would be a big storm and yada yada the MC gets stranded in the ocean on one of the rafts the mc and their crew tried to escape on.
maybe at some point in the story the mc finds an island and discovers that another one of their crewmates is there? idk.
these are just random ideas that might inspire or motivate you so yeah, hope it helps(:

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