Story Idea and need opinions

I’m thinking about making an Episode story with a girl who has cancer and loses all of her hair due to the cancer she has and I was hoping for some opinion on it! Would you read it if I did make a story about it?

Thanks for responding if you do! :revolving_hearts:


Personally I would read it but I do feel like some more stuff would need to happen along the way . As well as you might want to decide what kind of cancer and do some research about it to help you along the way . I do feel like a lot of people will be able to connect with it because cancer occurs a lot or at least from what I’ve experienced .

Hope this helps out !


Yeah I’ve already had the story built up in my head where her family supports her and her caring boyfriend shaves his head because he doesn’t want to have his girlfriend feel left out!

As someone who actually came up with a similar story idea ( but definitely different plot) I’d say yes! ( like the cancer part)

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