Story Idea *chars


Ok so i have no idea why i’m deciding to leak this but i am.

okay, so i#ve been hit with inspiration of all the bad boy stories and came up with some i think is unique. sorry for any spelling errors.

A new gang has been formed in the urban areas of london. people have suddenly gone missing in the last week. (6 people; because of this gang) it’s up tp you detective to stop and prison them.

gang members leave a mark on their victims to INTENTIONALLY Attract detectives and police officers to find them so they can kill them too so they can run the world under their laws before killing the government. they also leave a mark saying

“accept it. you’ll run into a dead end.”
Why do they wanna kill police officers? well…

it started out as 3 men who had troubled lives. Their parents were narcissistic, and believed the rules in their houses were absolutely okay. They only wanted to be loved by their parents, so when they were 16, they started to plan their rules if they have children, and realise the world is wrong. so they start to have this strong desire to control the world so that it is right.

When they kill more important people, they will add the whole line. If not, they’ll just say “dead end”. why? to mimick their importance. if your importanat you get a longer line.

what do u call this behaviour?


tbh i love that idea i would love to read it if/when you write it!


This is an amazing, original idea! I’ll definitely give it a shot, it sounds really interesting. If you do write it, I have one tip tho: don’t force a romance between the MC and gang leader!!! We’ve seen that a million times before and it’s way too cliche. Other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


btw if you have insta i would love to follow you, so just comment it after this


i dont feel combfortable showing rn. and this idea is something i will do but not for a longggggg time. like until august.