Story Idea? Check. Plotline? Check. Energy to actually code it out? Nope

I’ve had a story idea planned out for many years for a novel I’ve been working on. However, I could never decide how to end it. I had six distinct endings and just… can’t decide XD But I’ve been playing Episode literally since the day it came out. Tried many, many times to write my own, but just never had the energy to actually finish any of them. What I need is someone who has the energy level to actually code the story out into Episode. I was planning on a very butterfly effect kind of story, where every choice you make greatly influences your story, but in seemingly minor ways that determine your fate. In my first draft of my story on episode, literally the entire basis of one of the MC’s past relationship was defined by the choice of wrapping a wound vs. becoming blood brothers. And once I explain the basis of the story, you’ll understand why the butterfly effect is non-negotiable in it.

I tend to be very protective of my creative ideas, so I won’t explain it in detail here, but I’ll give you an basis just so you can tell if it would interest you or not. A pair of childhood friends fall in love, but he ends up killing himself due to being bullied, and the story is set a year later when the MC finally starts seeing a therapist for it, and at the end of each session we see the notes he took on her to create a bit of dramatic irony. I do intend on having occasional art scenes as well, as drawn by me (which is why I don’t want character creation in it :wink:). Message me on Discord (Kitty#6172) or Reddit (prettykittythekitten) if you’re interested.

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